B1 – Plaster Casting

The plaster casting went well although it was cold on the day that we chose to go out and do it, I am still pretty satisfied with how the final product turned out. I have never done something exactly like this but I have used plaster to fix a hole in a wall before and have done a decent amount of work with ceramics so this was not too different. I can not see myself needing to plaster cast anything in the future but people who make prosthetics for movies would use a similar set of techniques but with different materials. If I was going to try and do this again I would probably try to do it when the weather was a bit warmer and I would try to make a better mold since my cast came out a bit weird since some of the sand had fallen by the time I had mixed the plaster and was ready to pour it in. Overall I had a fun experience and although I don’t see myself trying again I am glad that I did it.

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