B3 – Finger Painting

The experience was both stress relieving and as well as challenging. The act of moving the paint around the page without trying to make anything allowed me to let loose and not think about other things. However I have never really been one who likes to get dirty so it was challenging for me to put my hands in the paint and let them get covered. Also the colors did not mix all that well instead they mainly covered each other so it was hard to get an even amount of the colors without them overpowering each other. This experience was easier than I though it was gonna be since I didn’t have to try and make anything so I just put the paint down and spread it around however I wanted to. Although making the art with no subject was somewhat liberating it was also hard since I was trying to make something that I had no concept of it so I couldn’t make a vision of what I wanted. The painting that I made isn’t obviously made with my hands it looks like it could have been made with a paintbrush but the blending on it is very good since it was easier to push the colors together with my hands.

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