C1 – Art & My Life


  • What have I learned this semester
    • The many forms of art and how the perception of art can vary between people
  • What is my experience of art
    • My experience with art in the past had been very stereotypical and standard forms of art
    • I did not use to like art since I was not able to do these forms of art well
  • How has my understanding of art changed
    • This semester has forced me to take a new look at art and see that there is no singular understanding of art and so most art can connect with you in some way
  • How will art apply to my life in the future
    • Current Major: Business Management
    • There are a lot of ways that creatively thinking can help with business
      • Website
      • Office space
      • New Products

Final Paper

I came into this semester with a different understanding of what art is and how it can be used in my life even though I am not in a “creative” field of work. I was taught that art is drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography, but as this semester has progressed I have learned that there is so much to art. School is a bad place to learn about art since we need to be given a grade in school for how well we know the content that we are taught. This means that we need to be taught things about art that are easily converted into a grade. Rather than being able to get a grade based on the message that we are trying to show with our art instead we are graded on how well we can recreate a piece of art with our own twist or how well we know the materials that were used by the artist. To me, this is not teaching art this is at best making kids able to recreate something or memorize facts. Should art not be teaching how to be creative without having to fear that you may mess up since we know that a lot of times the only way to grow is to make mistakes not to check off things to learn and be able to recall useless facts.

I was not a kid that was good at being able to recreate what I can see in a realistic manner but I do know what can be aesthetically pleasing and how to show a message in a piece in other ways. In high school, I took photography for 3 years and got better at taking photos that have meaning behind them rather than just a photo of a person or object.

The problem with art that has meaning behind it rather than art that is strictly aesthetically pleasing is that no two people will get the same response from your work. This semester has allowed me to see that there will be a lot of different perspectives when it comes to art and there is not a right answer when it comes to how you see a piece. While visiting the galleries and talking to the artists I was able to see that what I saw was different from what they made but they were not trying to convince me that their point of view was correct. They simply told me about how the felt about it and what lead them to make the pieces so that I could get more out of the gallery as a whole.

This semester has also shown me that art does not only show up in a creative job but all people could find a way to incorporate art into their careers and could benefit from it. Art doesn’t have to be making a drawing it just has to be using your creative or imaginative side to produce something. This means that all jobs can incorporate art is some way or another. I am currently studying Business Management and never really thought about how I could change my experience in the field by just using a more creative way of thinking. By critically thinking about how to run a company or how a product should fundamentally work, you can make inovations that can change your entire work field for the better rather than just doing your work the way that it has always been done since it works.

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