B3 – Finger Painting

The experience was both stress relieving and as well as challenging. The act of moving the paint around the page without trying to make anything allowed me to let loose and not think about other things. However I have never really been one who likes to get dirty so it was challenging for me to put my hands in the paint and let them get covered. Also the colors did not mix all that well instead they mainly covered each other so it was hard to get an even amount of the colors without them overpowering each other. This experience was easier than I though it was gonna be since I didn’t have to try and make anything so I just put the paint down and spread it around however I wanted to. Although making the art with no subject was somewhat liberating it was also hard since I was trying to make something that I had no concept of it so I couldn’t make a vision of what I wanted. The painting that I made isn’t obviously made with my hands it looks like it could have been made with a paintbrush but the blending on it is very good since it was easier to push the colors together with my hands.

B2 – Design Thinking

Path #1

If I were to stay on my current path I would want to work at Apple once I am done at CSULB. I feel like this will be a good fit for me since I love technology and I am originally from the Bay Area. I connected on LinkedIn with one of my mom’s friends since I know that he is one of the creative directors for Apple. I think that he could be a valuable connection for me since I have known him since I was younger and he has a high position within Apple. The only problem that I am thinking about is that Apple is already a very large company so there is a lot of structure and I find it easier to work when it is a bit less structured.

Path #2

Since I was young I have been interested in film. I would make a lot of projects with my friends growing up. I was able to enhance my skills in high school since I took AP Photo and even though a lot of the class was photography we still had a lot of guest artists come in and help us with our video projects. I have met a lot of people here at CSULB who’s family in some way is connected in the movie industry so I think that I could get to know them and then have them help me. I would love to be in the editing side of movie making since I love to see how you can change the message and make the viewers experience that much better by just adding a few key things.

Path #3

If I could do any job I would choose to work at ESPN. I have had a long love for sports and I think that if I could study sports I would enjoy it. I would not choose to do this instead of my current path since it is very hard to progress in the ranks at ESPN. Also, the starting jobs within the industry are in journalism and I want to do the audio and visual side of production rather than write articles about sports.

B1 – Plaster Casting

The plaster casting went well although it was cold on the day that we chose to go out and do it, I am still pretty satisfied with how the final product turned out. I have never done something exactly like this but I have used plaster to fix a hole in a wall before and have done a decent amount of work with ceramics so this was not too different. I can not see myself needing to plaster cast anything in the future but people who make prosthetics for movies would use a similar set of techniques but with different materials. If I was going to try and do this again I would probably try to do it when the weather was a bit warmer and I would try to make a better mold since my cast came out a bit weird since some of the sand had fallen by the time I had mixed the plaster and was ready to pour it in. Overall I had a fun experience and although I don’t see myself trying again I am glad that I did it.

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